The movie "TAXI" (1997) (director Gérard PIRES)

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Six different  "Taxi" cars were necessary, each one had a precise function :

The first one was a normal taxi.

The second one was used to show the taxi under transformation.

The third one allowed filming inside the car.

The fourth one had a wheel on the right of the car, to allow the stunt driver to drive it, while Sami Naceri, on the left, was pretending to drive.

The fifth one was a high performance sports car without a reverse gear, designed to be driven on racetracks.

The sixth one, which was also very fast, was used as a regular traveling car.



The movie "Taxi 2" (April 2000) (director Gérard KRAWCZYK)


Cars Prepared for Movie View of Specific Equipment Wing Detail
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The movie "Taxi 3" (January 2003) (director Gérard KRAWCZYK)